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MOMO, a visual artist, multimedia designer, digital creative marketing leader and former industrial designer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

As the proud owner of the urban art gallery, THE LAW (the local art window), located in District 3 Zurich, MOMO has created a space that reflects her passion for art and community.

A child of the 90s, MOMO draws inspiration from classic comic books, iconic TV shows, movies, and toys infusing her work with a vivid and colorful imagination that breaks free from the ordinary. 

MOMO specializes in exclusive and customized art, creating acrylic paintings on canvas, digital artwork, stickers, prints, and apparel. Her true passion thrives in transforming skateboard decks into distinctive art pieces and bringing creativity to life through vibrant murals. 

Her biggest dream is to share her creativity with the world, finding happiness through her work and inspiring smiles along the way. MOMO's art is a celebration of the extraordinary, a visual journey that invites others to join in the joy of her imaginative world and memories of everyones childhood.

GENRE: urban art, contemporary art

MATERIAL: acrylic & spray paint, mix media, canvas, wood, skateboards and figures






  • Displayed at Eisladen Zürich, Birmensdorferstrasse 101, 8003 ZH

  • First own art gallery - THE LAW - the local art window zurich, Steinstr.68, 8003 ZH, Switzerland

  • Aug: ARTACKS TAKEAWAY, Live Painting, Bern, CH

  • April - June: doodah meets art Vol. V, Skateboard Art Group Show in all doodah stores / LU, BE, BL, SG

  • Jan: Start new project - Painting every week a new skateboard deck, sponsored by Doodah

  • First own art studio - MOMO's Canvas art studio, Steinstr.68, 8003 ZH



  • Oct-Nov: "Hand Solo Ext.Version" Group Show at Gallery Super 250, 8004 Zürich

  • Oct: Indoor mural, custom boards and artworks for Rentabarista/Helvti Kafi, 8004 Zürich

  • Sep: “Hemophilia” ARTACKS TAKEAWAY, Main Station Zürich, Live-painting together with local artists, CH

  • Aug: Solo Show at Pop-Up Bar SOKO, 8004 Zürich

  • July - Aug: “Lucky Charm” Solo Show - Pop-Up Gallery atDE NIZ couture design, 8008 Zürich

  • July - Sept: European Custom Skateboard Show, Group Show, Belgium/Brüssels

  • May: "Undercover" Solo Show at Im Fenster, 8003 Zürich

  • April: "Hands Solo" Solo Show at Im Fenster, 8003 Zürich


  • Dec: Christmas Art Market at Rote Fabrik, Zürich

  • June: VIBEZ Music Festival: Live painting, Biel

  • May: Design Festival Bern Exhibitor, Group Show at Kornhausforum, Bern

  • May: Swiss Comic Con/Fantasy Basel, Live-painting and Group Show, Basel

  • April: "Artistic Ladyland" Group Show at Bürodiscount, Zürich

  • April - June: doodah meets art Vol. IV, Skateboard Art Group Show in all doodah stores / LU, BE, BL, SG

  • Jan: Displayed in the shop window at Kunstzeiger, Kreis3, Zürich


  • Dec: "Streetgroove" Group live painting by Bürodiscount at Dynamo, Zürich

  • Oct: grafikSCHWEIZ 18, Group-Show at Halle 622 Oerlikon, Zürich


  • more live painting events

  • new artwork series

  • Doodah meets art Vol.6 - in my gallery THE LAW



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