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Your art displayed at THE LAW
the local art window of Zürich


THE LAW the local art window, Steinstrasse 68, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland


  • The gallery space measures approximately 27m2 and has a height of over 3.40m

  • A long display window (L 5.60m x H 1.50m) facing the street, attracting passersby daily

  • The walls are painted white and equipped with picture rails


We take artists who create high-quality works.
Paintings, objects, sculptures and handicrafts can be exhibited. 

The exhibition period usually starts on Wednesday evening from 6 pm and lasts until 12 noon on Wednesday of the following week.

Exhibition opportunities are open now and can be arranged in organized with THE LAW.

MOMO, the urban artist, is the proud owner of the local art window THE LAW. The gallery offers a platform for national and international artists.

In this space, emerging artists and young talents are given the opportunity to exhibit in the gallery for art shows and events in order to present themselves and their work to a broad public.

MOMO has created a space that reflects their passion for art and community. The aim is to showcase and celebrate the diversity of the art scene, here in the Dirstrict 3 of Zurich.

MOMO will continue to host group exhibitions, events and solo shows in the gallery outside of these special exhibition periods.



If you are interested in exhibiting in the gallery for your own exhibition,

please send your cv with portfolio, short concept and your dates your would like to exhibit and we will find a solution to make it happen.

Drop us a line at

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